Customized Breadcrumb Mixes for the food industry

Ulmer, our second brand name, is used for breadcrumb mixes, which we also produce on a customised basis. The raw materials that we use are the best flours from our own grain mills, together with yeast, water, salt and premium seasonings. Ongoing quality management by inhouse laboratories throughout the production process ensures that the high standard is maintained. Here classic baking skills and state-of-the-art technologies are teamed to provide a warranty of the famous quality of the Ulmer products on a sustained basis.

For our products for the grocery industry and retail trade, we can individualise our breadcrumb mixes at any point in the production process, beginning with the basic material, namely the right combination of flour and seasonings. In addition, we meet individual requirements when producing the bread dough, baking it exactly to the point and milling the loaves. Ulmer customers can also specify the colouring and spicing of the breadcrumb mixes. Ulmer’s success is international – products are exported to 21 countries.

Loaves on their way to the oven
Dough processing in the breadcrumb plant
Golden-yellow loaves, baked to customer specifications, at the end of the baking process
Ongoing production is tested by our inhouse laboratory
  • customised breadcrumb mixes
  • organic breadcrumb mixes
  • technical application centre
  • export to 21 countries