Flour for the food industry

Flour is not just flour – this is a platitude for professionals but one on which our business stands and falls. We produce customised flour – for the  the processing industry, the master baker and the retail grocery trade.

The first step is to produce what customers want with the characteristics they need. So logically we start to influence the grain even before it is sown. Cultivation contracts with our regional partners specify the varieties of high-grade wheat that are to be planted, so that grain with optimum baking characteristics can be harvested.

Modern machines are used to remove any impurities from the grain. Then it is ground and sifted until it meets our quality requirements. Thanks to storage in large silos for raw materials and finished products, unchanging quality is guaranteed throughout the year.

The crusher floor in the flour mill
Sifting and cleaning machines in the flour mill
Mill flow chart
Production is monitored electronically around the clock in the mill
  • cultivation contracts with raw material suppliers
  • high-quality and customised flours